Monthly Mock & All Rookie Team Updates Part 2

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New monthly mock for December. Biggest change from last month is the draft position for the Vikings. One thing that hasn't changed is the 3 groups of fans that want a certain position drafted for 2021. Being it's a mock let's get all 3 !!

Need a new QB: I agree with this group and the Vikings should really look at drafting a new QB in 2021. Even if the top 5 prospects are gone. It would be smart to draft maybe a RD3-4 QB . The Vikings have been lucky Kirk is so durable. None of us fans really think Mannion can win games in case he was hurt. 2021 is a great year to address the QB position.

Build the trenches: Another group I agree with 100%. Teams are built in the trenches. Getting a impact 3T or OG is much needed. Also depth in the trenches. After a few injuries it was brutal on how poor the OG play was. Ezra has been a pleasant surprise but the team really needs more depth along both o-line and d-line.

Can't have too many DB's: With so many injuries at the CB position. This group has a case. I really think the young CB's we drafted in 2020 are doing well. If you draft one position too much you lose out on other impact players. Unless a top 5 CB drops to the Vikings. I think it would be smart to wait on this position. FS/SS is a bigger need by far. Also think Harrison Hand could be a really good FS. He has been a late round surprise and should only get better.

I run mocks as I am the GM for the team. Taking BPA over need is usually the best decision. Every so often need & BPA match up just right and the Vikings land a player like JJ. Going to run two mocks. I like to show a trade down version & a zero trade version. 2021 looks to be deep at QB-OT-WR-LB. Decent depth at DT/DE. Fun side note. On a comment I made to Just_Rob in last months mock, I said I was hoping the Vikings would be picking at #20. Going 1-5 / 5-1 really shows this team has heart. Ok here goes...

Round 1 Pick 25 (NYJ): Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida

Round 3 Pick 1 (NYJ): Mac Jones, QB, Alabama

Round 3 Pick 16: Alijah VeraTucker, OG, USC

Round 3 Pick 19: Eric Stokes, CB, Georgia

Round 4 Pick 13: Cole Van Lanen, OT, Wisconsin

Round 4 Pick 20: Ifeanyi Maijeh, DT, Temple

Round 4 Pick 28: Damone Clark, ILB/OLB, LSU

Round 5 Pick 17: JaCoby Stevens, FS/SS, LSU

Round 5 Pick 20: Keaontay Ingram, RB, Texas

Round 6 Pick 26 (LAR): Janarius Robinson, DE/OLB, Florida State

Round 7 Pick 26 (LAR): Braydon Johnson, WR, Oklahoma State

So sitting at #20 The Jets offer up a fair trade. 2021 RD1 & RD3. As with most drafts a top talent will drop.

All the top QB's were gone. Stole the RD1 pick from the podcast I watched a few weeks ago. Kyle Pitts was easily BPA at #25. Doubt Mac Jones lasts into RD3. QB's as always rise up the draft boards. Traded with the Rams at the top of RD6.


Round 1 Pick 20: Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State

Round 3 Pick 16: Tedarrell Slaton, DT, Florida

Round 3 Pick 19: Trevon Moehrig, FS/SS, TCU

Round 4 Pick 13: Cole Van Lanen, OT, Wisconsin

Round 4 Pick 20: Jabril Cox, ILB/OLB, LSU

Round 4 Pick 28: Anthony Schwartz, WR, Auburn

Round 5 Pick 17: Zaven Collins, DE/OLB, Tulsa

Round 5 Pick 20: Keith Taylor, CB, Washington

Round 6 Pick 20: Jean Delance, OG, Florida

A zero trade version. A trend I'm seeing on the simulators is players opting out are dropping down the boards. Zach Wilson and Kyle Trask are passing Trey Lance at the QB position. Vikings are lucky he fell to #20. We'll see if any trades happen. 2020 there was very few. 2021 could be much the same. Comp picks I'll add later.



- many times players will drop in a mock - being it's early this will change -

All Rookie Team Update: Did a fanpost a few months back on this topic. A few hits and of course a few misses. Injuries have taken it's toll on the list so far. Winfield continues to play well for the Bucs. Wanted to mention just how special the 2020 WR class looks. JJ, Lamb, Claypool, Aiyuk. All looking very good. Even Ruggs and Reagor are starting to show how dynamic they can be. Brutal injury to Joe Burrow. Must be tough being a Bengals fan.

Here's the link....

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