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Colin Cowherd suggests that the Vikings want to “move on” from Stefon Diggs

Based on his Instagram, naturally

NFL: FEB 01 NFL Honors Red Carpet Photo by Rich Graessle/PPI/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The time between the Super Bowl and the start of the new league year is often dubbed the “silly season” in the National Football League. Much like Spaceball One, however, it appears that we’ve overshot “silly” and moved directly to ludicrous.

As evidence, I present to you this video from Colin Cowherd, wherein he suggest that the Minnesota Vikings are ready to “move on” from wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

The basis for this is, apparently, Diggs’ thoughts he’s been posting on social media, where he’s been Vague Tweeting and Vague Instagramming or whatever, I guess.

Look, Stefon Diggs has been a member of the Minnesota Vikings long enough where we know what we’re getting. Is he emotional? Yeah, he is. Is he mercurial? Yeah, he is. We saw what he did after the Vikings’ loss in Chicago in Week 4 of this season, where he missed a practice, and we knew he was unhappy. Of course, that was also the chain of events that gave the Vikings’ offense the kick in the rear end that they needed, and they played significantly better the rest of the season.

Diggs also spent much of last season as the Vikings’ only legitimate NFL-quality receiver due to Adam Thielen’s absence. I like Bisi Johnson, but he’s not a #2 guy in the NFL yet. The wide receiver situation got to the point where the Vikings had to pick Laquon Treadwell up off the scrap heap (though he admittedly was much better after he was brought back). Trading Diggs away would likely lessen Thielen’s effectiveness, and the depth chart behind Thielen without Diggs there is downright scary.

Also, trading Diggs wouldn’t be cheap. The Vikings would have to eat $9 million in dead money if they wanted to deal Diggs and get a pick for him that they could use in the 2020 NFL Draft. With their current situation, do you think that the Vikings are going to want to eat a $9 million cap hit? I sure don’t.

Now, I don’t have “sources” with the Vikings or anything like that. As I’ve said numerous times, I’m just a guy that runs a fan site and gives my perspective on stuff. But I honestly don’t see a scenario where the Minnesota Vikings trading Stefon Diggs is even a remotely good or intelligent idea, a sentiment that Ted expressed much more eloquently than I have a few days ago.

Granted, I’ve been wrong on things of this nature before. But, if the Vikings do decide that they’re “moving on” from Stefon Diggs, I’m not going to understand the logic behind it and will likely regard it as a really, really dumb move. . .the kind of move that I don’t see Rick Spielman making, in all honesty.

(Hat tip to The Viking Age, who had this story before we got to it.)