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Julie Cousins undergoes emergency surgery

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But she appears to be recovering nicely

8th Annual NFL Honors - Arrivals Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

With his 2019 season in the books, Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Kirk Cousins took his family to Florida for his trip to the Pro Bowl. Unfortunately for him, it appears their trip took a bit of a detour.

Cousins posted on Monday morning that his wife, Julie, was recovering in an Orlando hospital following an emergency surgery. While there has been no clarification on what, exactly, the surgery was for, it appears that Mrs. Cousins is recovering well.

Kirk and Julie have been married since June of 2014, and they have two sons: Cooper was born in 2017 and Turner was born in 2019.

While it certainly would not have been the ideal way to spend a trip to Orlando, at least it appears that everything is okay at this point. Here’s hoping that Julie’s recovery is a fast one and they can get out of sunny Orlando and back to less-sunny Minnesota sooner rather than later.