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We’ll be keeping an eye on the XFL

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But should we support a specific team?

XFL: DEC 16 Tampa Bay Vipers Mini-Camp Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Much like we saw at around this time last year, the end of the NFL season will bring with it the rise. . .or the attempted rise. . .of a new, upstart league. Last year, it was the Alliance of American Football, which didn’t even make it through the regular season before going belly-up. This year’s entry hopes to avoid a similar fate.

Yes, on Sunday, we will see the debut of Version 2.0 of the XFL. . .er, excuse me. . .the EXXXXXXXXXX EFFFFFFFFFF ELLLLLLLLLL! Vince McMahon is back with another attempt at starting a football league, nineteen years after his initial attempt folded after just one season.

Much like the AAF and the first iteration of the XFL, the new XFL will have eight teams. They’ve been going through workouts and camps over the course of the past few months, and when the final rosters were announced last week, there were 23 players with some sort of connection to the Minnesota Vikings that are in the new league. Here are the eight teams, in order of how many former Vikings are on their roster.

Dallas Renegades (6)

  • WR Jeff Badet
  • OL Willie Beavers
  • LB Reshard Cliett
  • OL John Keenoy
  • LB Greer Martini
  • S Derron Smith

Los Angeles Wildcats (4)

  • S Mar’Sean Diggs
  • RB Dujuan Harris
  • OT Storm Norton
  • S Jack Tocho

Houston Roughnecks (3)

  • OL Isame Faciane
  • RB De’Angelo Henderson
  • LB Edmond Robinson

New York Guardians (3)

  • CB Terrence Alexander
  • LB Garrett Dooley
  • DT Toby Johnson

D.C. Defenders (2)

  • CB Jalen Myrick
  • RB Jhurell Pressley

Seattle Dragons (2)

  • S Jordan Martin
  • DT Will Sutton

Tampa Bay Vipers (2)

  • WR Stacy Coley
  • TE Nick Truesdell

St. Louis Battlehawks (1)

  • QB Taylor Heinicke

When the AAF came around last year, we decided that we wanted to back a specific team, the Salt Lake Stallions. Should we do the same thing with the XFL, too? I mean, we’re going to be talking about the XFL anyway, because hey. . .football. There really isn’t a geographically convenient team for us to pick for something like this, either, unless you think the St. Louis connection is solid.

So what does everyone think of the idea of backing a team in the XFL?