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Mocking the Vikings generally makes people look stupid

And not just on social media

Philadelphia Eagles v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Making fun of the Minnesota Vikings, particularly at U.S. Bank Stadium, is something that generally doesn’t turn out well for Minnesota’s opponents. The first time we saw this was when colossal douchebag Sean Payton thought it would be cute to do the Skol Chant after the New Orleans Saints had taken a 24-23 lead in the NFC Divisional Playoffs.

Then the Minneapolis Miracle happened, because Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints and all of their fans deserve to have those sorts of things happen to them.

Today, it came out that another team thought that invoking “Skol” in some way would go well for them. It did not.

(Thanks to Minnesota Vikings Reddit for the video. It’s the only place I could find it.)

This is from when the Vikings played the Philadelphia Eagles this past season at U.S. Bank Stadium. The Eagles decided to dial up a fake field goal just before halftime, and they thought it would be cute to name it “Skol.” Apparently Doug Pederson told his kicker, Jake Elliott, that he saw something he could exploit.

Well, what they wound up seeing was Dallas Goedert, the primary target on the play, covered by Anthony Harris, who had the play sniffed out from the start.

Then what Elliott saw was about three different Vikings bearing down on him and, presumably, his life flashing before his eyes.

Then what everybody saw was Harris deflecting a terrible pass from Elliott into the hands of Everson Griffen for an interception that kept the Vikings’ lead at 24-10 going into halftime.

I don’t know. . .maybe opposing teams should start being smarter or more creative with their mockery. Or they can keep doing stupid things and having it blow up in their faces. It’s totally up to them, I guess.