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Report: 2020 NFL Draft postponed until “at least late May,” won’t be in Las Vegas

Not unexpected in light of recent events

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It appears this is going to be the only time we’ll be seeing this
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Given all of the recent cancellations and postponements in the world of sports due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, it likely wasn’t going to be long until it affected the National Football League, and a report has just surfaced on a significant change for the league’s premier offseason event.

Hub Arkush of Pro Football Weekly is reporting that the 2020 NFL Draft will be postponed until “at least late May.” Moreover, it sounds as though the event will no longer be held in Las Vegas, as has been planned for some time.

According to Arkush, the changes are expected to be announced as soon as a decision is reached on the NFL’s new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The situation with the Coronavirus has caused multiple schools to cancel their “Pro Days” for scouts leading up to the draft. While the Draft is probably something that could have been done in a number of different ways, it has become such a spectacle for the NFL that they’re likely looking for a way to salvage it in any way possible.

Obviously, this is just one report at this point, but Arkush has been in this game for quite a while now, and if he says something is about to change with the Draft, I tend to believe him. This is something that we will certainly be keeping track of as more news develops.

As of now, as we mentioned in another story we did this evening, the “legal tampering” portion of NFL free agency is still scheduled to start tomorrow (Sunday) at 3:00 PM Central time, and the 2020 NFL League Year is still slated to kick off at 3:00 PM Central on Wednesday. We’ll have to see if that changes.