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2020 NFL Draft to take place as scheduled, will not be in Las Vegas

The presentation format will be altered

2008 NFL Draft Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Over the weekend, we brought you news of a report from long-time NFL reporter Hub Arkush that the 2020 NFL Draft would be postponed for a month and that it would no longer be held in Las Vegas as planned.

As it turns out, that report was half right.

The NFL has just released a statement saying that the 2020 NFL Draft will take place as scheduled on 23-25 April. However, it will no longer be a public event in Las Vegas, as the league says that they are “exploring innovative options” for how the process will be conducted.

With the new NFL league year starting on Wednesday, and the “legal tampering” period for free agency getting underway in less than an hour, it appears that the NFL is going full steam ahead with everything as far as the 2020 league year is concerned. As I’ve said in previous stories, I think we can assume that a lot of things are going to be done via internet, telephone, and other forms of communication. I’m looking forward to see what the NFL comes up with as far as the draft process, which they say is still going to be televised.

So, the 2020 NFL Draft is going to happen as scheduled, but it won’t be the huge extravaganza that we’ve become used to. Frankly, I don’t know how many of us care about that part. I certainly don’t.