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Danielle Hunter, Vikings renegotiate contract

It might free up even more salary cap space

Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Going into the day on Friday, the Minnesota Vikings had just enough room under the salary cap to sign their 2020 draft class, but they’ve made a move that will free up some more room in the event they’d like to make some more moves this offseason.

According to Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the NFL’s official website has defensive end Danielle Hunter listed as “signed renegotiated contract.”

Hunter was due to have his $10.9 million base salary become fully guaranteed on Friday, and is set to have a cap figure of $14.5 million for this season, the highest figure for anybody on the roster not named Kirk Cousins.

There has not been any word yet on how, exactly, Hunter’s deal was re-done or how much salary cap space the Vikings will gain by making this move. Hopefully details will be forthcoming in the next day or two. The most likely answer is that Hunter converted some of his salary into a signing bonus, but right now we don’t know that for sure.

Hunter signed a big five-year, $72 million extension in June of 2018, keeping him under contract to the Vikings until he reaches the ripe old age of. . .29. At which point he’s probably going to get another monster contract extension, particularly if he continues as one of the NFL’s best defensive ends.

Once we have word on how, exactly, Danielle Hunter’s new contract affects the Vikings, we will bring it to you here. For now, though, it appears that Rob Brzezinski and company are going to have a few extra dollars to work with, at the very least.