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Your Vikings Salary Cap Update

The Vikings don’t have the least cap space in the league anymore!

Minnesota Vikings v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

With the first week of free agency in the National Football League pretty much over and done with, let’s take a look at where the Minnesota Vikings stand in regards to the salary cap.

According to the folks at Over the Cap, the Vikings are currently sitting on $14,290,052 in available salary cap space. That means they aren’t dead last in the NFL in cap space anymore. Hooray! There are actually 11 teams that have less space available under the salary cap than the Vikings do.

Contrary to what we’ve seen from the team over the past couple of years, they have a lot of dead money to account for thanks to trades and player releases. Right now, their dead money figure sits at $20,425,895, which is the fifth-highest total in the league. Nearly half of that comes from Stefon Diggs, as the Vikings incurred a $9 million dead money hit because of his trade to Buffalo.

It appears that the renegotiating of Danielle Hunter’s deal has given the Vikings approximately $6 million in cap space. He was slated to have a cap hit of $14.5 million for the upcoming season, but Over the Cap now shows him with a figure of $8.5 million.

While the Vikings do have a bit of cap space, it really isn’t as great as it appears. After all, the team is still going to have to sign their draft picks, which is going to take a decent amount of the space they now have.

Hopefully the Vikings will be able to make another move or two here once the second wave of free agency gets underway. Right now, though, any moves they’re going to end up making will be marginal, it would appear.