March Madness Greatest Viking Tournament : Alan Page is tournament Champion

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Alan Page wins the tourney. Thank you to all who participated.

The 64 entries are based off of Pro Footballs career AV with a few exceptions. A few really good players probably were left out due to short careers with the Vikes. You can view the list here and also click on players if you don't know them. Vikings career AV

The 1-8 were seeded by rank, 8-16 by rank but random brackets placement, 16-32 random group drawing, 32-48 random group drawing, 48-64 random group drawing. So there were some randomness to the matchups. Some players got a favorable draw while others may have got shafted.

Finals: Tournament Championship

Purple Bracket

White Bracket

Gold Bracket

Skol Bracket

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