Mock Draft Anomaly

So I was doing a mock draft for myself today with no intention of posting it, but the strangest thing happened. The Miami Dolphins drafted Justin Herbert at 5th overall. And then Tua began to fall down as teams decided they didn't want him. The slide stopped at 18th overall where he was drafted by...The Miami Dolphins. Now this scenario isn't quite at the strangeness levels of the Redskins selling the farm for RG3 and then using their next pick to take Kirk Cousins with their next pick but it's up there. So while unlikely that this would happen given the number of picks that the Dolphins have and their need to hit on a quarterback it's not insanely dumb, but the levels of quarterback controversies and potential split duties that the two would have seem to be more trouble than it would be worth. But it is an intriguing option for them and I wanted to hear your opinion on it, even if it doesn't directly affect the Vikings it could set a precedent for taking two quarterbacks early and letting the best man win and dumping the other guy, similar to Josh Rosen if it worked out for them.

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