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The Minnesota Vikings 2020 NFL Draft hats have officially dropped!

And they’re pretty sweet!

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Every year, one of the highlights of the NFL Draft is Roger Goodell calling a draftee’s name and seeing them walk up on stage to get a sweet new hat depicting their new team. With the situation we’re currently in with social distancing and everything else, we won’t get to see that this year, unfortunately.

However, you can get one of the 2020 NFL Draft hats for yourself, and I must say that the model for the Minnesota Vikings looks pretty sweet. Most years the Draft hats are kind of on the ugly side, but the current models that you can see below are pretty impressive. I particularly like the “Skol Vikings” on the side of the hat.

If you want to get your hands on one of the new 2020 NFL Draft hats for the Minnesota Vikings, you can click on any of the links below to get it through the folks at Fanatics.

Let us know what you think of the design or anything else about the hat you can think of here!