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Ted Mock 4.0: The Mock Legacy

Remember kids, it’s all make believe

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Hey everyone, and welcome back to the 2020 Ted Mock series. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as we all hate being locked down (well, most of us being locked down).

So far, our three previous mocks have had a little bit of everything, and if you missed last week and would like to take a peek how the past mocks have gone down, here’s a link:

Ted Mock 3.0: The Mock Ultimatum

But, it’s on to the fourth iteration of this. I’m approaching this like I have for all my mocks so far. The Vikings still haven’t made any significant moves in free agency, so their needs are still just about everything. By my count, the Vikings need two wide receivers, two cornerbacks, two interior linemen, two EDGE rushers, and a backup safety. However, a couple folks have asked me about me not taking a QB early in these drafts, or what I think the Vikings approach to the QB position might be.

Bear in mind this is just my opinion, looking at how things have unfolded so far. With the Kirk Cousins extension, I don’t feel that the Vikings are looking to draft a QB early, if at all. Had there been no extension done, I believe they would be looking hard at QB, but the extension put that off at least one year, if not two. Add in all the other needs Minnesota needs to address, and I’m just not seeing a QB early for the Vikings.

Last week, I also mentioned that with defensive assistant and 3-4 proponent Dom Capers on the staff, the Vikings might also be looking at linebackers early because I feel they’ll add some 3-4 looks and wrinkles. So they could favor an outside linebacker with some pass rushing skills over a pure EDGE guy.

As always, I am using the Fanspeak’s On The Clock Ultimate Draft site, where I can offer and accept trades. Before we get at it, my weekly disclaimer:

I’m not a professional scout, coach, or GM. I am, however, a Professional Idiot.

If you EVER get to the point where you think ‘man this guy is pretty sharp about drafting and stuff’ go back and read the previous sentence. Then talk to any member of my family, immediate or extended, and they’ll set you straight. THEN go check out last week’s mock, just so there’s no confusion.

In formulating and/or accepting trades, I’m using the new 2020 Drafttek Trade Value Chart that was developed by Rich Hill of Pats Pulpit, and one closer to the draft trade chart that teams are now reportedly using, as opposed to the Jimmie Johnson trade chart I’ve used in years past. I know most teams don’t follow it to the number, and other trades include players. Trading players in this simulation isn’t an option, and you have to have some kind of baseline, so this is mine. The Vikings selections as the draft begins are highlighted:

I’m going to try and pick players based on need and the athletic profile they fit for the Vikings. To do that, our old friend Arif Hasan over at The Athletic has produced invaluable metrics based on NFL Combine results, broken down by offense and defense.

I also have players I like, just because. I am a fan, after all.

So, in setting up the simulator, I used the Fanspeak composite big board. It’s not the most current one, but I think it has pretty fair rankings, for the most part. The computer is using a random board, difficulty level is classic, and team needs are based on Fanspeak’s data.

And away we go!

1st Round

I don’t have any trade offers when the draft begins. As the board unfolds, a few really interesting prospects drop. Slowly but surely, they come off the board, but one is still there at 20. It’s only two spots, so I see if Jacksonville can be enticed to move back. There’s a 16 point differential between pick 20 and 22, so I offer:

They take the offer. The fifth round pick is worth 11 points, and the future sixth round pick put it over the top. I could have probably traded 22 and my fourth straight up, as that pick is worth 17 points, but I wanted it for this draft, as there are too many needs that have to be filled. So, I am on the clock, and this is the big board:

Selection, round 1, 20 overall: Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama

Rationale: I’ve said here, in radio interviews, and on podcasts I’m really not in favor of getting a WR in round one unless the Vikings could get CeeDee Lamb or Jeudy. I think there will be a lot of pressure put on whoever it is to match the production Stefon Diggs provided, and that will be ramped up even more by trading up to get him. That said, if there’s a guy that can put that pressure aside and produce, it’s Jeudy. He was a stud at Alabama, it was too risky to see if Jacksonville and Philadelphia would have passed him by. They both need wide receivers, and I don’t think it would have happened. Getting a guy for what amounts to a fifth and a sixth down the road seemed like a no brainer.

As we get to pick 25, I get two offers:

I’m really not interested in the Lions offer. For one, they’re a division rival, and it’s not as good as the Ravens offer, so let’s look at that one. I lose out on my 25th overall pick, but I more than makeup for the capital I traded away with Jacksonville to move up two spots. The good in this trade is that I would now have picks 58, 60, 89, 92, 105, 106, 129, and 132 through the first four rounds. That’s two second round picks, five third rounders, and two fourth rounders. With this many picks, I can move back into the first round, way up in the second...I have a ton of options. If this were offered in real life, I don’t think there’s any way Rick Spielman turns this down. I take the deal. My new set of picks:

Counting the Jeudy selection, that 16 picks I now have MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But I’m not done. No way. At least I don’t think so. Well, I am for this round.

2nd Round

I thought about popping back into the end of the first round, but I do have picks 58 and 60 in this round, and brother they are burning a hole in my pocket. I want to keep one of those picks, but I also want pick 33. So I call up the Bengals. My offer:

They turned that down, so I offered a late fourth round pick, and they took the offer (sorry, forgot to get a screen shot. It was round 4, pick 28, 134 overall). The point total was 177 points, with the top pick in the second round valued at 180 points. So, my new set of picks:

Whew. So, my big boar—

/mock telephone rings

“Oh, hi virtual Miami. What’s that? You want to offer me this?

So for me, I traded up to get another first round guy that’s slipped. If I was going after QB Jordan Love, who is still on the board, I would turn this trade down. But I’m not going after Jordan Love; I want top talent, and I still get that with this offer. What the hell, I take the deal. New picks:

Okay, let’s start the second round. Big board when I come on the clock:

Selection, round 2, pick 7 (39 overall): A.J. Terrell, CB, Clemson

Rationale: The Vikings need a starting CB or two, and depending on what big board you like, Terrell is probably the third or fourth overall CB available in this draft.

When I get to my next pick in this round, this is my big board:

Selection, round 2, pick 24 (56 overall): Cesar Ruiz, C, Michigan

Rationale: I like Ruiz to move inside and play guard, where he’s been projected to play by more than one big board. Instant help in an area that needs it. With my additional pick I received in the trade with the Dolphins, I’m up again just two picks later.

Selection, round 2, pick 26, (58 overall): Noah Igbinoghene, CB, Auburn

Rationale: My choice came down to either him or Ezra Cleveland. I think I can still get OL value in the third round, but after Igbinoghene the talent level drops off significantly at corner.

3rd Round

No serious trade offers here, so as we get to my first pick in this round, here’s the big board:

Selection, round 3 pick 25 (89 overall): Khalid Kareem, EDGE, Notre Dame

Rationale: He’s a guy that can come in and compete for the starting EDGE opposite Danielle Hunter, and as a minimum will be able to be in the DL rotation.

When I get to my next pick in this round, here’s the big board:

Selection, round 2 pick 41 (105 overall): Akeem Davis-Gaither, LB, App St

Rationale: If the Vikings look for a LB in a 3-4 look as an EDGE-type rusher, keep your eye on Davis-Gaither. He’s not big enough to play on the line, but his pass rush skills from an OLB spot are really good.

4th Round

Got a couple trade offers, but it took me out of this pick and into the fifth round. Meh. Big board:

Selection, round 4, pick 23 (129 overall): Matt Hennessy, C, Temple

Rationale: Like Ruiz, Hennessy can also project as an interior offensive lineman, and one would hope with Pat Elflein, Dru Samia, Ruiz, and now Hennessy, there are two decent starters in that group.

I’m up again three picks later.

Selection, round 4, pick 26 (132 overall): Tyler Johnson, WR, Minnesota

Rationale: Every year there’s a guy I like and want to really see get drafted by the Vikings in the mid rounds. Johnson is that guy for me, so I will mock him to the Vikings in every mock draft post I do. And if you’ve followed this mock draft series, I think he’s criminally under rated here and will be a steal.

5th Round

Big board:

Pick, round 5, pick 24 (170 overall): Julian Blackmon, S, Utah

Rationale: It feels like the Vikings are going to have Anthony harris for at least one more season, but they still need a backup or two. If they trade Harris, I would hope it would be for a second or third round pick, and then safety would be addressed earlier than it is now.

6th Round

Two picks in this round, and late round rules now apply: Cool name, Ohio State dude, position of need. Let’s go. Big board:

Selection, round 6, pick 22 (201 overall): McTelvin Agim, DT, Arkansas.

Rationale: Hits the cool name and position of need factors. Will love it when I can tweet ‘McTelvin just killed that dude...AGAIM’.

Selection, round 6, pick 26 (205 overall): Michael Onwenu, G, Michigan

Rationale: This team can’t have enough interior offensive linemen. Admittedly, I’m throwing stuff on a wall just to see if something sticks at this point.

7th Round

Three picks this round. LOL big board who cares

Selection, round 7, pick 5 (219 overall): Nate Stanley, QB, Iowa.

Rationale. Training camp arm. Hate him for what he did to Ohio STate.

Selection, round 7, pick 35 (249 overall): Scott Frantz, T, Kansas St

Rationale: I had to pick a guy, still needed a tackle per my draft needs.

Selection, round 7, pick 39 (253 overall): Binjimen Victor, WR, Ohio State

Rationale: Ohio State guy. Love him. Hall of Famer.


Here’s the Ted Mock 4.0 Draft Class:

To get them, I made these trades:

I like the top half of the class, but I got cuter by a half and shouldn’t have traded all the way up to pick 33, unless I took Jordan Love. That was stupid, and I tried to salvage it to get the extra second rounder with the Miami trade. Pretty much hated everything after that. Almost deleted and started over, but I kept it honest.

Go ahead, savage me.


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