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Former Vikings QB Tarvaris Jackson killed in automobile accident

Terrible news in a terrible year

Minnesota Vikings v Dallas Cowboys

In the Year Of The Gutpunch, 2020 just keeps on throwing haymakers, and this one really sucks.

Most of us are waking up to the news that former Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson was killed last night in a car accident in his hometown of Montgomery, AL:

He was drafted by the VIkings in the second round of the 2006 draft, the first QB selected by then first year head coach Brad Childress. The Vikings moved up to the last pick in the second round to nab TJ, and the largely unknown QB from 1-AA Jackson State immediately became the Vikings QB Of The Future. Heralded QB’s Vince Young, Matt Leinart, and Kellen Clemens were drafted before Jackson, yet his career lasted longer than all three, and included a Super Bowl ring as a backup with the Seattle Seahawks.

For his Vikings career, Jackson was in Minnesota from the time he was drafted through the 2010 season. He started 20 games in those five seasons, going 10-10. In 2008 the Vikings won the NFC North, and Jackson started their playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

His last two years here came during the Brett Favre era, and we all remember Favre’s ‘will he or won’t he’ storyline entering 2010. THe one guy who handled himself with the most grace and professionalism out of anyone during that time was Tarvaris Jackson, and we wrote about it back then.

He signed with Seattle after 2010, starting 11 games for them in 2011, and then he became the primary back up Russell Wilson after the Seahawks drafted him in 2012. He was on the Seahawks through 2015, and then moved in to coaching. Prior to his stunning, untimely death, he was the Quarterbacks coach for Tennessee State.

Memories have been coming in to Twitter from former teammates and friends.

Godspeed, TJ. Rest in peace.