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Wilf Family surpasses $5 million in COVID-19 donations

That’s a pretty good chunk of change

NFL: Super Bowl LI-Houston Host Committee Handoff Ceremeony Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the coronavirus epidemic still holding its grip on normal life around the world, the family that owns the Minnesota Vikings has certainly done their part in assisting people that have been affected by the disease.

On Monday, the Wilf Family announced that they had donated $1 million to United Way Worldwide. That donation means that the Wilf Family has now donated over $5 million to different entities that are fighting the pandemic.

In addition to United Way Worldwide, the Wilfs have also made contributions locally to the United Way, the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital, Second Harvest Heartland, and the Minnesota Disaster Recovery Fund.

That $5 million has, undoubtedly, gone to help a whole lot of people in the Twin Cities area and beyond, and it’s pretty great that the Wilfs have done this. Since they took over as the Vikings’ owners in 2005, the Vikings organization has really done a lot for the Twin Cities, and the Wilf Family is the driving force behind that.

I’m sure there will be the usual smattering of folks that will say things like, “Well, the Wilfs donating $5 million is like me donating 50 cents,” and honestly those people are the worst. Just the worst. I’m going to assume that the people that need help don’t care whose pocket the money came out of, but they’re damn sure grateful to have it.

So, kudos to the Wilf Family for once again coming to the aid of the Twin Cities community and helping scores of people to get the support they need during such trying times.