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You can still boo Roger Goodell during the 2020 NFL Draft after all!

It’ll be just like being there! Almost.

NFL Draft Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

There are a lot of great traditions that surround the NFL Draft, not the least of which is the ceremonial booing of Commissioner Roger Goodell at pretty much every opportunity. With the unique format for this year’s draft, many people were afraid that this tradition would go by the wayside.

Well, fear not, intrepid draft viewers! Because you can still boo Roger Goodell and do it for a good cause.

According to the folks at Steelers Depot, Bud Light is asking NFL fans to send in videos of themselves booing the Commissioner on social media, tagging the brand (@BudLight) and using the hashtag #BooTheCommish. For each entry that is sent in, they will donate $1 with the goal of getting up to $500,000 for the fight against COVID-19.

The promotion appears to be going on throughout all of draft weekend, so you don’t necessarily have to boo him right away on Thursday night or anything.

Booing Roger Goodell is fun for everyone, and now with the NFL Draft-a-Thon and Bud Light, you can actually help people out by doing it. Maybe this should become the new tradition on draft weekend.