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2020 NFL Draft Day Three: Start time, television, radio, streaming and more

And, just like that, the Draft is nearly finished

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2020 NFL Draft - Round 1 Photo by NFL via Getty Images

After two days that have been filled with a bunch of excitement, particularly for fans of the Minnesota Vikings, we have reached the final day of the 2020 NFL Draft. The Vikings have a ton of picks to make today as things stand right now. How many? We’ll detail all of that in a bit. But, we want to make sure that you’re able to follow along with all of the action from around the country today, so this is our opportunity to let you know how to do that.

When does Day 2 of the 2020 NFL Draft get underway?

Things will get underway (relatively) bright and early on the final day of the NFL Draft. The action is slated to start at 11:00 AM Central time, because there are a lot of selections to get through.

Where can I watch the coverage?

Once again, the NFL Network and ESPN will be simulcasting the selections that are made on Saturday. ABC will be joining in the simulcast as well, which is different from the way they covered the first couple of nights.

What if I would rather listen to the radio?

KFAN-FM out of the Twin Cities will be carrying the draft, and I assume that many Vikings Radio Network affiliates will be as well. If you will be traveling or just prefer to use the satellite radio service, you can check out SiriusXM NFL Radio, Channel 88.

I don’t have TV or radio, just this sweet, sweet internet.

You can also stream the draft through either Fubo (which has the NFL Network) or ESPN+. I’m not sure of the NFL Network will have the stream on their website or not. Feel free to check.

So what picks do the Vikings have on Day Three?

Well. . .pull up a chair.

Thanks to the trades that Rick Spielman made over the course of this offseason, the Vikings now have 13. . .yes, that’s thirteen. . .picks scheduled for Day 3. Now, are the Vikings going to actually make thirteen picks? I sort of doubt it. . .then again, I have no idea what the hell the Vikings are doing to this point, so maybe they will. But, as things stand right now, they have at least three selections in each of the Draft’s final four rounds. Here is the complete list.

  • Round 4, Pick #117 overall (acquired from Tampa Bay Buccaneers via San Francisco 49ers)
  • Round 4, Pick #130 overall (acquired from New Orleans Saints)
  • Round 4, Pick #132 overall
  • Round 5, Pick #155 overall (acquired from Cleveland Browns via Buffalo Bills)
  • Round 5, Pick #169 overall (acquired from Saints)
  • Round 5, Pick #176 overall (acquired from 49ers)
  • Round 6, Pick #201 overall (acquired from Bills)
  • Round 6, Pick #203 overall (acquired from Saints)
  • Round 6, Pick #205 overall
  • Round 7, Pick #219 overall (acquired from Miami Dolphins)
  • Round 7, Pick #244 overall (acquired from Green Bay Packers via Browns and Saints)
  • Round 7, Pick #249 overall (compensatory selection)
  • Round 7, Pick #253 overall (compensatory selection)

When do you suppose the Vikings will pick?

Each team gets five minutes to make a selection in all of the rounds on Day Three. With the fourth round starting at #107 and the Vikings first. . .at least, as of now. . .getting on the board with pick #117, the purple should be adding a new player within the first hour of today’s coverage. Just be safe and watch the whole thing like we are!

What is The Daily Norseman doing for Days 2 and 3?

Well, once again, we’ll have an Open Thread for each round of the draft for people to discuss everything that’s happening. In addition, we’ll have a look at the newest members of the Vikings as soon as we’re able to get something posted about it, as well as opportunities for all of you to let us know what you think of the picks.

We might. . .might. . .be doing another live Good Morning, Gjallarhorn episode for Day Three. If we are, it will be embedded at the top of the Open Threads.

We’ve got another exciting evening heading our way for Day Two of the 2020 NFL Draft, folks! We hope that you’ll join us to see what happens for our favorite team.