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2020 NFL Draft Grades: What do you think of the selection of Harrison Hand?

Yes, another corner for the Vikings

Georgia Tech v Temple Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

We knew going into the 2020 NFL Draft that the Minnesota Vikings had plenty of questions on the depth chart at cornerback, and they’ve certainly done their best to try to fix that. They’ve now drafted three cornerbacks in this year’s draft, including the selection of Temple corner Harrison Hand at #169 overall.

I’ll be honest. . .I don’t know a heck of a lot about Harrison Hand other than what I’ve looked up on the internet about him. This is going to be one of those picks where I think I’m just going to have to trust the Vikings’ front office and hope that they can develop these young corners that they’ve taken this weekend.

Can anyone out there add any insights about Harrison Hand? If you can, feel free to add your comments below and be sure to vote in our poll here as well. We’ve got plenty of picks still to come as well.


What do you think of the Vikings’ selection of Temple cornerback Harrison Hand at #169 overall in the 2020 NFL Draft?

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