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Packers attempted to trade up with Vikings to draft Jordan Love

But Rick Spielman turned them down

NFL: NFL Draft Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

It’s relatively rare to see a trade between division rivals during the course of an NFL Draft, and almost unheard of for it to happen in the first round. However, another NFC North team attempted to do just that with the Minnesota Vikings over the course of draft weekend.

According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, the Green Bay Packers reportedly called Rick Spielman on Thursday night in their efforts to move up the board and draft Utah State quarterback Jordan Love.

Fowler’s tweet doesn’t specify whether or not the Packers were trying to move up to #22 or #25. The Vikings wound up using their pick at #22 to select LSU wide receiver Jordan Jefferson, but did wind up trading out of the #25 spot, moving down to #31 in a deal with the San Francisco 49ers and selecting TCU cornerback Jeff Gladney.

The Packers did eventually get their trade up, making a deal with the Miami Dolphins to move up to #26 and draft Love in one of the more head-scratching moves of draft weekend.

Green Bay wanted to secure their quarterback of the future badly enough where they actually considered enhancing the draft fortunes of a division rival. But, in the end, Rick Spielman informed them that they were. . .

(•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

Looking for Love in all the wrong places.