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Thanks to everyone for a great Draft Weekend!

We had a hell of a lot of fun and a hell of a lot of visitors

The NFL Draft is always one of the biggest events of the year for our humble little corner of the internet, and the 2020 NFL Draft was no exception. The National Football League gave us an actual sporting event that we didn’t already know the results of going in, which was nice, and we got an opportunity to do some different things.

First off, I want to thank everyone that eschewed the coverage from the main networks and watched the coverage that was provided by the Good Morning, Gjallarhorn crew from our partnership with the Climbing the Pocket Network. It was originally slated to just be Thursday night’s coverage, but once we got finished, our friend Drew sent a message to all of us that basically said, “You guys wanna do tomorrow night, too?”

And we were all, like, “Hell yes we want to do tomorrow night!” So we did.

The crew wound up doing all three days of the draft, a total of about 17 hours worth of live coverage. Unfortunately, I couldn’t join the party on Saturday because there was too much going on, but the gang was joined at various times throughout the weekend by guys like Flipmazzi, Matt Fries, and Tyler Forness to add some additional insight. For the three broadcasts, the show managed over 3,500 views, which is pretty damn good for just a bunch of guys sitting around talking football and making bad jokes.

I mean, my jokes were awesome. I’m clearly talking about everyone else.

If you’d like to catch some of what happened, you can find the shows on the Climbing the Pocket YouTube channel.

Also, if you subscribe to our network of podcasts. . .and if you haven’t already, shame on you. . .you can get more good stuff like Jayson, Myles, Yinka, and others breaking down some of the Vikings’ draft picks, among other things. Go get it! NOW!

On top of that, the site here was rocking, too. On Saturday, we were among the top five trafficked sites in the entire SB Nation network. Seriously, we even beat out the MMA and wrestling sites, and that never happens.

All of you folks out there stepped up, too, putting up even more comments than on draft weekend last year. Draft weekend 2019 saw 12,567 comments go up on the site over the course of three days, and that number increased this year to 14,774. Nice job, everyone!

Whether you were watching on YouTube or reading the stories here or whatever the case may be, we appreciate everyone that made us a part of your draft weekend festivities.

Now. . .to figure out what the heck to do between now and the time we get some actual Minnesota Vikings football to talk about.