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CTPN Quick Shots - Should the Vikings Ezra Cleveland Start at LT?

Climbing The Pocket Network Question of the Day - Should the Vikings start Ezra Cleveland at LT from the beginning? Dave gives you the options.

Should the Vikings start Ezra Cleveland at left tackle from the beginning? The Climbing The Pocket Network is starting a new feature called Quick Shots. The hope is to have those quick strike, short videos and podcasts that talk about some of the latest issues and topics surrounding your Minnesota Vikings. We hope to answer a question of the day, or at least get you thinking about one.

Dave, from Good Morning Gjallarhorn addresses the question. A big proponent of starting him. Brian O’Neill started his first season and never looked back. Dave brings evidence as provided by friend of the show, Mike Renner from PFF. Back in early March, Mike gave his opinion on Ezra Cleveland’s play and performance at the NFL Combine.

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There are basically 4 options the Vikings could consider. Option 1: Start Riley Reiff at LT and put Cleveland at LG. Option 2: Start Cleveland at LT and slide Reiff into LG. Option 3: Groom Cleveland as the swing tackle, a spot held by Rashod Hill. Finnally, option 4: completely red-shirt Cleveland and let him just learn in practice all season. Plus, those options include left guard, but do you see someone else starting there, and what about the right side? Will Dru Samia earn a spot, does Josh Kline get re-signed, Aviante Collins get to compete, or even Pat Elflein moving to the right side? Which option do you want? Which option do you see the Vikings actually doing?

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen! Stay safe, and GO VIKINGS!