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Prepare yourselves for The Daily Norseman’s LIVE Draft Night Extravaganza!

The whole first round, baby!

GMG’s third episode with Dave and Drew © D.STEFANO 2018

We’re now a little less than three weeks away from the 2020 NFL Draft, and it promises to be a draft like none we’ve ever seen before. For such an unconventional draft, fans of the Minnesota Vikings deserve some unconventional coverage, and that’s exactly what we’re going to bring you.

For the second consecutive year, the folks from the Good Morning, Gjallarhorn podcast. . .one of our many fine Vikings-centric shows. . .will be live broadcasting during the entire first round of this year’s Draft.

During last year’s Draft, I was fortunate enough to be able to jump on and make a guest appearance towards the end of the broadcast. This season, the GMG crew has been kind enough to ask me to hang out with them for the whole thing. So, yours truly will be joining Drew Bunting, Ted Glover, and Dave Stefano starting with the first selection on Thursday night and running until the first round concludes.

The majority of the talk will, obviously, center around the Vikings and what we expect them to do (and, after they make their selections, what they’ve done). But we’ll also be talking about the rest of the draft, making fun of the selections that we truly don’t understand, and listening to Drew tell stories about. . .well, things that probably shouldn’t be publicized, quite frankly. You’ll have to tune into the show to find out.

There will also be alcohol involved. You can decide for yourself if that’s a positive or a negative.

The show will be live streaming on YouTube starting shortly before the official festivities get underway. We’ll also have it embedded at the top of the Open Thread for Round 1 of this year’s Draft once the stream gets underway.

So, we hope that in some way, shape, or form you’ll join us for our LIVE broadcast, covering all of the first round of this year’s NFL Draft.