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Chris Mock 2.0: For Those About To Mock

We salute youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

I’ve been a bit tardy about getting my second Mock Draft up here, particularly since Ted did his about a week ago already. So, let’s remedy that since there isn’t a hell of a lot else going on, eh?

Once again, I’ll be making use of the On The Clock Mock Draft Simulator from the folks at FanSpeak. This time, the Big Board I’ll be using comes from Josh Edwards of CBS Sports, as it was the most recently updated one in their list, and all of the other teams will be using random big boards.

As a reminder, before we get underway, here are the picks that the Vikings currently hold.

Let’s hit it!

Round 1, Pick 22 (from Buffalo)

I don’t get any trade offers before the festivities get underway, and no trade offers before our pick comes up at #22. Here’s how the board has fallen for us.

Yeah. . .virtual Rick is flying to the virtual podium for this one.

Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina

Whenever a top-10 caliber player falls into your lap at #22, there’s no reason not to just immediately jump on them. With the interior of the defensive line being a question mark for the Vikings, Kinlaw would immediately step in and be the starter at the three-technique spot up front. He’s been compared to star defensive tackles such as Michael Brockers and Chris Jones, and while he is still a bit raw, he has a ton of athletic ability and seems like the kind of player that Andre Patterson could mold into a superstar in very short order.

Round 1, Pick 25

Before I get on the clock, a pair of AFC playoff teams express interest in jumping into our spot.

Since I didn’t do any trades in my previous mock, let’s go ahead and take one of these. The Chiefs are offering, literally, nearly their entire draft class to move up to this spot, as they only have five selections in this year’s process. Trading completely out of the first round here and netting all those extra picks is intriguing, so I take the Chiefs offer and sit back to wait for Round 2.

Pick #25 traded to Kansas City Chiefs for #63, #96, #138, and #177.

Round 2, Pick 58

Let’s take a look at how the board has fallen since it’s been a full round since we selected Kinlaw.

We’ll fill the cornerback need here. . .well, part of the cornerback need, anyway. . .with a player that seems to fit what the Vikings like at corner.

Damon Arnette, CB, Ohio State

When you start for three years for a program like Ohio State, you’ve obviously got a great deal of talent, and Arnette is a guy that has been moving up a lot of boards in recent weeks. In addition to being a solid cover guy, he’s also very good in run support, and you know that’s something the Vikings are going to place value on in their corners. So, let’s take Arnette here. We’re going to have to re-visit the corner position later as well, given the Vikings’ losses this offseason.

Round 2, Pick 63 (from Kansas City)

The board hasn’t changed much, so I’m going to make a pick here that people are either going to love or hate, I think. But, it’s going to be something that I waited far too long to do in my previous mock. . .addressing the depth chart at quarterback.

Jacob Eason, QB, Washington

I’ve made it clear on several occasions that I’m not exactly enamored with the thought of Sean Mannion being the long-term backup for this team. If the Vikings want to put themselves in a better position in the future, they absolutely must take a shot on a quality quarterback prospect to attempt to develop going forward, and Eason is a pretty nice value at this point. He might have the strongest arm in this year’s class, and he’s also very good using play-action. That sounds like the kind of guy that would fit in the Vikings’ offense, doesn’t it?

We now have three third-round picks, so let’s see what comes next, shall we?

Round 3, Pick 89

Before the third round gets underway, another pair of trade proposals slide across the desk.

You know that Rick Spielman would be all over that Giants’ offer. I mean, not one, not two, but three additional seventh round picks? That would give the Vikings six seventh-round picks and have Trader Rick looking for a cigarette. But, in the interest of time, I’m going to turn both of these offers down and see what the draft powers that be bring us.

Let’s try to fill in some of the offensive line gaps here.

Solomon Kindley, G, Georgia

Kindley is a big guy, checking in at 6’4” and about 335 pounds. Despite his size, he’s pretty light on his feet, and at the very least would have an opportunity to compete for a starting guard spot early on.

Round 3, Pick 96 (from Kansas City)

There haven’t been a lot of changes to the board, and it’s time to finally address the wide receiver position after possibly waiting a bit too long.

Bryan Edwards, WR, South Carolina

I know. . .the prospect of a receiver from South Carolina might be a bit scary for Vikings fans, but Edwards is a solid wide receiver that is pretty good in 50/50 situations. He’s not Troy Williamson, if that’s what you’re wondering. He’d have a chance to contribute early on.

Round 3, Pick 105 (compensatory)

Here’s a quick board update.

Yeah, there’s a guy that’s popped up in the first round of our Mock Draft Database a few times, and it’s at a position of need. Let’s get him.

Cameron Dantzler, CB, Mississippi State

Dantzler is another guy that’s a bit on the raw side, but has long-term star potential at the cornerback spot. There’s no reason to think he’s going to be there this late on draft weekend, but in this scenario he is, so there you go.

Round 4, Pick 132 (from Buffalo)

As we start Day 3 of our virtual draft, no trade offers come in before the round starts, so here’s where the board sits.

By law, as a Vikings’ blogger, I’m required to take Tyler Johnson in every mock draft. However, he’s already off the board, as he went to the New England Patriots at pick #100 overall. So, let’s take the “one of us” bit in another direction.

Thaddeus Moss, TE, Louisiana State

Get your 84 jerseys out! I know this may seem like a strange pick for the Vikings, given that tight end isn’t necessarily a need for this team. But Moss could play a role not just as an in-line tight end, but out wide as well. He could certainly find a role with this team, in my opinion.

Round 4, Pick 138 (from Kansas City)

I was going to double up on my Vikings-based nepotism here, but the Pittsburgh Steelers snagged Georgia safety J.R. Reed (Jake’s son) out from under me right after we took Thaddeus Moss. Damn it. So, let’s go back to the offensive line.

Hakeem Adeniji, OT, Kansas

There will be some debate over whether or not Adeniji fits better at guard than at tackle in the NFL, but in either case he has versatility and is a good fit in a zone blocking sort of scheme, so he’s a solid get here.

Round 5, Pick 155 (from Buffalo)

Here’s a quick look at the board, as we still have seven selections left to make here.

In the interest of time, I’m just going to make these last picks and not get into a whole lot of detail.

Quintez Cephus, WR, Wisconsin

Your Delta Tau Chi name is. . .Bo.

Round 5, Pick 177 (from Kansas City)

Derrek Tuszka, Edge, North Dakota State

More athletes for Andre Patterson to develop? Sure, why not! Also, this is a pseudo “one of us” pick at this point as well.

Round 6, Pick 201 (from Buffalo)

Jalen Elliott, S, Notre Dame

Round 6, Pick 205

Collin Johnson, WR, Texas

Round 7, Pick 219 (from Miami)

Salvon Ahmed, RB, Washington

A burner that could be part of a running back committee and could also make an immediate contribution as a return specialist.

Round 7, Pick 249 (compensatory)

Tremayne Anchrum, OT, Clemson

Round 7, Pick 253 (compensatory)

Alohi Gillman, S, Notre Dame

That’s the mock, folks! If you want to see the full results of the draft, you can click this link right here to see all of the picks.

Here’s who I came out of this one with:

I think my big mistake in this one was waiting too long to address wide receiver, but I think this is a decent draft overall. The secondary has been addressed, we got a couple of solid offensive line prospects, and a quarterback of the future. Oh, and a Top 10 pick that fell into our laps and could be an immediate impact player.

Let me know what you think of this one, folks!


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