Annual DN's Best GM and Scout Draft Contest - LAST DAY to get your draft choices anytime before Draft starts today!!!

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As we have lot of time available in hand until Draft Day, and we have done a billion Mock Drafts and analysis, thought of providing DN members a fun contest to apply all the knowledge on 2020 Draft class, that could prove whether you're in same pulse of the Vikings War Room (which is virtual anyway this season).

Instead of choosing one player for each Draft pick in usual Mock drafts that we have all done so far, you have the bonus of choosing 3 players for each draft pick to get it right. We all know that the Draft is a crapshoot, so the more choices you get, the better for your choices to win. What's more, you get 3 additional choices for each day of the draft to increases your chances of selecting a player that Minnesota Vikings draft! And, on top of that, you get to choose 3 additional players in UDFA category too.

Those who have limited knowledge of the college football could play this contest too, you have wide range of option of Big Boards (like DN Mock Draft Database, DraftTek, SB nation Draft Kings, The Draft Network, Huddle Report, etc.,) from where you can pick players. Let us apply all the wealth of wisdom we have gained from this Draft Season.

After the NFL draft is officially over, the contest results will be announced in a separate fan post based on the maximum number of points scored by each contestant and by the maximum number of players chosen by each contestant, if the same player is drafted by Minnesota Vikings in 2020 NFL Draft.

Contest Rules:

Contestants will have three picks for each Minnesota Vikings draft pick in all rounds (A, B, and C).

After the 2020 Draft is completed, every contestant's choices would be scored based on the results from actual draft selected by Vikings GM Rick Speilman.

Correctly choosing choice A in the correct round merits 6 points if Vikings selected the same player in that round, while correctly choosing choice B or C instead in correct round will merit 5 and 4 points, respectively. If a round has more than one pick, choosing the player that Vikings also draft will still get you the points as mentioned above.

If one of your "A" selections is chosen in a different round than you predicted, you get 3 points each, while if one of your "B" selections is chosen in a different round than you predicted, you get 2 point each. If one of your "C" selections is chosen in a different round than you predicted, you get 1 point each.

In addition, each day of the draft will have another 3 choices to choose for each contestant (A, B and C for each of Day 1, 2 and 3), which could get you 1-3 points if the player you choose is drafted by Minnesota Vikings.

Moreover, you can pick 3 additional choices for UDFA as well.

So, you can choose 36 choices for each draft pick, 9 more choices for each day of the draft and 3 more choices for UDFA.

In total, you can choose 48 players from 2020 draft class, which would give you more probability to hit some of the draft selections going to be chosen by Minnesota Vikings.

You can also choose same player in different rounds if you feel that might happen, but remember, choosing a correct player in different rounds would still earn you 1-3 points anyway.

In case Vikings trade down or up and move out of a round, your picks would still count in "other round" category (1-3 points). In case a trade adds one more draft pick to a round that you've not accounted for, additional pick choices have been provided for each day of the draft as insurance (1-3 points).

If AND ONLY IF there is no clear winner at the end of the draft, tie breaker would be used on which contestant selected most of the players in correct round, or even correct draft pick.

Make your choices in this post comments section by listing the round and draft pick, choice A, B or C, for each round, with the name and position of the player.

In case you would like to change all your choices, you can just reply to your previous post in comments section and add new set of options for all picks. In case of more than one entry added for a user, the latest one counts. You can add a number of choices before the actual NFL Draft starts, either in scheduled date or to a date that the draft gets postponed. Please try to reply your post in case of change in mind so that your latest choices are counted for the contest.

The contest closes 5 minutes before the actual NFL Draft starts, either in scheduled date in April or to a date that the draft gets postponed, if at all. So you have a lot of time to get your entries for the contest, from now onwards until the NFL draft starts. Make sure to add your choices at the earliest, you can change your choices later anyway in case you want.

I provide an example of how this contest works (you can copy-paste the following and add your choice of players):


Day 1 - Round 1:
Pick #22:
A: Justin Jefferson, WR
B: Jeff Gladney, CB
C: Javon Kinlaw, DT

Pick #25:
A: Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE
B: Denzel Mims, WR
C: Josh Jones, OT

Day 1:
A: Grant Delpit, S
B: Ross Blacklock, DT
C: Cesar Ruiz, IOL


Day 2 - Round 2:
Pick #58:
A: Matt Hennessy, IOL
B: Jaylon Johnson, CB
C: Prince Tega Wanogho, OT

Round 3:

Pick #89:

A: Troy Pride Jr, CB
B: Jonah Jackson, IOL
C: Ben Bartch, OT

Pick #105:
A: Matthew Peart, OT
B: Jordan Elliott, DT
C: Amik Robertson, CB

Day 2:
A: Justin Madubuike, DT
B: AJ Terell, CB
C: Van Jefferson, WR


Day 3 - Round 4:

Pick #132:
A: Jabari Zuniga, EDGE
B: Ben Bredeson, IOL
C: Hakeem Adeniji, OT

Round 5:

Pick #155:
A: Devin Duverney, WR
B: Harrison Hand, CB
C: Isaiah Hodgins, WR

Round 6:

Pick #201:
A: Tanner Muse, S
B: AJ Green, CB
C: Justin Herron, OT

Pick #205:
A: Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR
B: Alex Taylor, OT
C: Jonathan Garvin, EDGE

Round 7:

Pick #219:
A: Isaiah Coulter, WR
B: Yasir Durant, IOL
C: Davion Taylor, LB

Pick #249:
A: Shyheim Carter, S
B: Myles Dorn, S
C: John Reid, CB

Pick #253:
A: Levonta Taylor, CB
B: Kyle Murphy, IOL
C: Carter Coughlin, EDGE

Day 3:
A: Tyler Johnson, WR
B: Alohi Gilman, S
C: Bryan Edwards, WR


Day 4 - UDFA:
A: Tyler Huntley, QB
B: Justin Herron, OT
C: Benito Jones, DT

Contest Results:

After the NFL draft is officially over and first day after the draft when UDFA players are chosen, counting of results of this contest starts.

The contestant who has maximum number of points (tie breakers considered as explained above, if needed) will be announced the DN's Best GM of 2020 Draft class.

The contestant who has got maximum number of correct players drafted by Minnesota Vikings will be DN's Best Scout of 2020 Draft class.

The contestant who has got maximum number of correct players from Minnesota colleges drafted by Minnesota Vikings will be DN's Best Area Scout of 2020 Draft class.

If there are lot of entries in participation, more awards for players chosen in Offense and Defense can be considered.

In case you have any questions or improvements in this contest, add in comments section or if you notice any of the contest rules are unfair or lopsided.

I intend to follow-up this contest yearly, so that we have a fun exercise in each Draft season.

Good Luck, May the best GM and Scouts of the Daily Norseman wins!

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