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Dalvin Cook: Holdout or Negotiations? - CTPN Quick Shots

Talking about the Dalvin Cook holdout here. The guys get into some of the numbers and they are surprising. It is well worth the watch.

Dalvin Cook has indicated to the Vikings that he is going to holdout and not participate in any sort of activities until he gets an extension that he’s happy with. His term used, was “reasonable” money. The guys from the Pocket Protectors Podcast, Eric Eager, Nick Olson, and Jayson Brown, got together and ask, “is it worth it?” They compared some contracts of leading running backs, along with how Mike Zimmer wants his offense to run.

Because Stefon Diggs was traded, Dalvin Cook has now become one of the most visible star offensive weapons. Kevin Stefanski, now with the Cleveland Browns, last year determined how he would be used, but this year it will be up to Gary Kubiak. Will Gary make him electric like we haven’t seen since Adrian Peterson? If the Vikings come to some sort of agreement on his value? These are all things we’ll have to wait and see about. In the meantime, Alexander Mattison is waiting in the wings to start and Mike Boone being the second part of the one, two, RB punch combination. Nick, actually opines that may not be such a bad thing and that Mattison by some measures had a better season last year than Cook.

Nick also suggests, that with this impasse, the Vikings should trade Dalvin Cook and go with Alexander Mattison. Eric laughingly said it should be Cook and Kirk Cousins for Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans. Imagine how jacked up Minnesota Vikings fans would be!

You can check out the full show audio version here:

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen! Stay safe, and GO VIKINGS!

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