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Here’s where you can pre-order Madden NFL 21!

Get it when it comes out on 28 August!

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Since we’re talking about video games this week across the SB Nation network of blogs, we want to make people aware that the latest version of the Madden NFL series is set to hit consoles in the next couple of months, and you can pre-order it right here through us!

Madden NFL 21 will be hitting consoles on 28 August, and will give you the opportunity to take the Minnesota Vikings (or some lesser franchise) to a championship. Obviously, the new game will feature all the newest members of the Vikings, so you can be scoring touchdowns with Justin Jefferson or stuffing opposing runners with Michael Pierce at your leisure.

So, if you want to get your copy of Madden NFL 21 right when it drops, you can hit the link for your console of choice below and order it through the good folks at Amazon. We’ll see you at (the virtual version of) U.S. Bank Stadium this August!

NOTE: Madden NFL 21 will be released on Aug. 28.