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Kirk Cousins Ranked 16th? - CTPN Quick Shots

The guys from Pocket Protectors talk PFF’s analysis of the 32 starting QB’s this year and Kirk Cousins’ ranking amongst them. They also get into ranking Vikings QB’s throughout history.

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Kirk Cousins is ranked 16th? How can this be? The guys from the Pocket Protectors Podcast go over the story and analysis from Pro Football Focus written by Kevin Cole and Timo Riske that look at quarterback efficiency and performance over time, not just the previous season, and then rank them. Eric Eager explains exactly what factors are going into this in their efforts to make quarterback overall performance more predictive. Is it more in exercise of running stats to see what the outcome is, or an accurate predictor of what actually might happen? You’ll have to evaluate that for yourself.

Kirk Cousins had his best season last year as Nick Olson was a proponent of, but wasn’t because of Kevin Stefanski in the play calling, or Gary Kubiak and his influence over Stefanski? Was it due to having Stefon Diggs as one of the best wide receivers in the NFL? Adam Thelen while he was healthy? It surely wasn’t the pass protection which ranked 27th. How much of this is based on quarterback play versus everything in place around it? Eric says the obvious that quarterbacks like Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes will always probably still be good even without some of the tools that makes quarterbacks like Kirk Cousins excel. All this is discussed are things for you to think about.

Kirk Cousins is more valuable than any other player for the Vikings over the last 10 years. Are you sure?

Jason asks Eric about a PFF tweet that said Kirk Cousins was the most impactful player for the Vikings over the last decade. That led to a discussion ranking Vikings quarterbacks. Fran Tarkenton is obviously number one, but does Dante Culpepper fall under the second position? The Vikings have had some good quarterbacks over time to include Tommy Kramer, Warren Moon, Wade Wilson, and even Brett Favre. How would you rank them?

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