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We’ve updated a couple of our resources

Information for your brain and what not

With not much going on at the moment, I wanted to direct everyone’s attention to a couple of our pages that I’ve neglected for a bit but have finally fully updated again.

First off, I’ve added the most recent draft class for the Minnesota Vikings into our Complete Minnesota Vikings Draft Pick Database. This is, as the name says, a complete list of every single player that has ever been drafted by the Minnesota Vikings from 1961 to 2020. The list is sortable as well, so if you’re looking for something specific, you can simply click on the column and sort the table that way.

I’ve also updated our Minnesota Vikings Twitter List, which has (I believe) the most up-to-date listing of pretty much every major Twitter account that is associated with the purple. It has players, media, and other people that are associated with the team on it. If there are any inaccuracies, please let me know and I will remedy that.

But, as we’re well into the long, dark tea time of the offseason, I wanted to let folks know that there are actually some signs of life around here.