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NFL will not hold a 2020 Supplemental Draft

Not surprising

NFL: Super Bowl LIV City Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Late last night (or early this morning, depending on where you are), we briefly talked about how former Minnesota Vikings great Cris Carter was, by far, the greatest Supplemental Draft pick in the history of the NFL. In that story, we briefly mentioned that the 2020 Supplemental Draft was likely going to happen sometime in early July.

Not anymore, it’s not.

Per Close, Personal Friend of the Daily Norseman Tom Pelissero™, the National Football League has told its teams that there will not be a Supplemental Draft for 2020. The league had previously announced that players would not be able to declare for the draft based on COVID-19 concerns, and now nobody will be declaring for it at all.

Per the Collective Bargaining Agreement, it is not mandatory that the league holds a Supplemental Draft. It is something that the league “may” do for players that were not eligible for the regular draft but had extenuating circumstances that could cause them not to return to their college teams. No word on what will happen to those players that may have been thinking about declaring for this year’s Supplemental Draft.

The Supplemental Draft is something that generally gets ignored around here. . .the Vikings have only dipped into the Supplemental Draft pool once in team history. . .so this isn’t the most devastating thing that could happen or anything. Hopefully we’ll start hearing positive news about how the 2020 NFL season is going to go forward here sometime soon.