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No fans will be allowed at Vikings Training Camp this year

Or any other training camp, but we don’t care about those

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Training Camp Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

With everything that’s been happening with the COVID-19 epidemic in recent months, the Minnesota Vikings have made an announcement that doesn’t really come as a surprise.

The team has announced that no fans will be allowed to attend this year’s Training Camp in Eagan. The NFL has barred fans from coming to Training Camp this year in light of the pandemic.

Again, this really doesn’t come as a surprise or anything, but it’s still a bit of a bummer. I know that there are plenty of fans that really enjoy getting the opportunity to go to practice and get an early look at the team, particularly the annual scrimmage that takes place towards the end of camp each year.

All of the indicators are still pointing to the Vikings (and the other 31 NFL teams, I guess) reporting to Training Camp on 28 July. That’s a little more than two weeks away. Negotiations are reportedly ongoing as to the number of preseason games and other things as well, and when we get more news on those sorts of things we will bring them to you here.

However, if you were making any plans to load up the family and come to Eagan this August to get a look at Vikings Training Camp. . .well, like so many other things with the Vikings, you’ll have to wait until next year.