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If the Vikings weren’t the Vikings, what would they be?

It won’t come to this. . .we think.

Minnesota Vikings v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

As you’ve certainly heard by now. . .hopefully from us. . .the artists formerly known as the Washington Redskins are going to have a new nickname in the near future. It was a change that kind of felt inevitable, no matter how much of a temper tantrum Dan Snyder threw about it. It does, however, appear that there are more changes coming in the future, as baseball’s Cleveland Indians appear to be on the verge of changing their name as well.

Now, I don’t honestly think that anyone is going to be coming after the Minnesota Vikings to change their team name anytime soon. I would hope not, anyway. But, since there isn’t a hell of a lot else to think about at this point as it relates to football, it did make me sort of wonder. . .

If the Vikings did have to change their name to something else, what would they change it to?

According to this article from Uni Watch from a few years ago, when a nickname was being considered for the new Minnesota NFL franchise, some that were considered were “Chippewas,” “Miners,” and “Voyageurs” (yes, with the fancy spelling on that last one) in addition to “Vikings.” The state of Minnesota also had other professional football teams before the Vikings, including the Minneapolis Marines, the Minneapolis Red Jackets, and the Duluth Eskimos.

To say nothing of some of the other professional sports teams that have been a part of the state of Minnesota, such as the Minnesota North Stars (Norm Green still sucks) and the Minneapolis Lakers.

I think that, if the Vikings were to end up changing their name for whatever reason, the North Stars would be the best option. Obviously, they couldn’t adopt the team’s old color scheme for obvious reasons. . .and, honestly, why would they want to? But they did have a pretty sweet logo, and it would probably look good with the team’s current color scheme, too.

(cut to me lamenting my lack of Photoshop skillz)

Again, hopefully this isn’t something that will happen in the near future. . .or the far future. . .or in any future. . .but it is something that I thought might make for a fun discussion.

What would you call the Vikings if they weren’t able to be the Vikings anymore?