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Mike Zimmer Offered Multi-Year Extension

NFL Combine - Day 2 Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Word coming out from the StarTribune and PFT is that Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer has been offered a multi-year contract extension.

Zimmer is 64 and was in the last year of his contract. This ends any speculation on his future, although the details on the contract are not yet known.

Zimmer is the third winningest coach in Vikings history, although he’s yet to coach his team to a Super Bowl appearance, or victory. His team has brought sudden death to the Saints twice in the playoffs, and he suffered the same fate at the foot of Blair Walsh, while getting steamrolled by the Eagles and 49ers to end the Vikings post-season in ‘17 and ‘19.

But after turning the franchise around, particularly on defense, after arriving in Minnesota, he’s been on a bit of a seasonal roller coaster, alternating between double-digit win seasons, making the playoffs, and basically .500 seasons that ended in December.

So, while he has yet to bring home the Lombardi for the Vikings, he’s got the Vikings within a couple wins of the big dance, and hopefully he can go the extra distance sooner rather than later.

PFT reported that the Wilfs expressed support for both Zimmer and everybody’s favorite GM Rick Spielman, so don’t be surprised if Slick Rick lands an extension as well in the coming days.

I’ll update as more details become known.