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We have a correction about our previous correction

If we keep correcting, we’ll eventually get it right

NFL: DEC 15 Vikings at Chargers Photo by Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

For those of you just tuning in. . .

  • Earlier this offseason, Dalvin Cook said that he was going to be skipping all Minnesota Vikings team activities until he got what he felt to be a “reasonable” contract extension
  • On Saturday, in a press conference, Mike Zimmer said that he had spoken to Cook about whether or not he was going to report to Training Camp on Tuesday, and Cook replied in the affirmative. . .or so we thought.
  • Then, Cook’s agent came out and said that Cook and Zimmer had not spoken. That looked sort of bad.

And now, we have yet another twist.

As it turns out, according to Close, Personal Friend of The Daily Norseman Tom Pelissero™, Cook had actually spoken to running backs coach Kennedy Polamalu and told him that he plans on reporting to camp on time when things start on Tuesday. Polamalu then said that to Zimmer, who relayed that in this morning’s presser.

So, Cook was the source of the news that he would be reporting to Training Camp on time, as Zimmer intimated in his press conference on Saturday morning. He just didn’t get that information directly from Cook himself, but rather through the REO Speedwagon method, where he heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend.

That’s just about enough messing around, I think.

So the situation has gone from worrying about Cook not reporting to camp to being happy that he was going to be there to wondering why Zimmer said what he said to understanding why and going back to being happy that he’s going to be at camp.

In case this story changes again. . .there are still a few more days before camp for five or six more twists to be added to this story. . .we’ll help you to recalibrate your emotions as frequently as we need to.