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Vikings to broadcast Monday’s Training Camp practice LIVE

There will be various platforms you can see it on

Minnesota Vikings players and coaches took part in training camp at the TCO Performance Center. Photo by Anthony Souffle/Star Tribune via Getty Images

As we know, the Minnesota Vikings have officially started Training Camp in preparation for what will be a unique 2020 NFL season. Unfortunately, nobody is allowed to attend camp this year to give anyone an inside track on what might be going on.

Now, the team is going to give us a little bit of a glimpse into what’s happening in Eagan.

The Vikings have announced that some of Monday’s practice session at the Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center will be broadcast live across a number of platforms.

The team’s website (linked above) specifically says that the practice will be aired on all of the Vikings’ digital and social platforms, as well as FOX 9, KFAN-FM 100.3, and the Vikings’ Radio Network.

There aren’t any real specifics on what, precisely, is going to be shown during the stream. All the website indicates is that “Paul Allen, Pete Bercich, Ben Leber and Greg Coleman will break down position battles and look ahead to the 2020 season.”

I mean, I’m guessing that they aren’t going to show a whole heck of a lot during this stream or anything, but considering that the last time we saw guys wearing Vikings uniforms doing things on a football field was this past January in San Francisco, it’s a whole lot better than nothing.

The stream is set to get underway at 2:15 PM Central time on Monday. We will do what we can to bring it to you here in some way, likely though some sort of FaceBook or Twitter linkage.