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Listen: Kyle Rudolph sits down with Jim Rome

And talks about Kirk Cousins, among other things

Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

With the start of the regular season just two and a half weeks away, the new elder statesman of the Minnesota Vikings talked about the team today, including QB1.

Tight end Kyle Rudolph was interviewed today on The Jim Rome Show, and touched on a number of topics. Specific among them was quarterback Kirk Cousins and his perceived inability to win “big games.” Here’s a clip.

Seems like Rudolph thinks the idea that Kirk Cousins can’t win the big games is garbage. Hopefully #8 will be getting many more opportunities to prove that it is, in fact, garbage, since he’s going to be in purple for at least the next few years.

You can listen to the entire interview that Rudolph had with Rome below. It’s not a super long interview, clocking in at about eight minutes, but hey. . .there isn’t a whole lot else happening with the team right now.

Enjoy the interview, folks, and we’ll have more Vikings news coming your way as it happens.