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Daily Norseman Staff NFL Picks: Week 1

A new feature that we’ll be adding this year

NFL: DEC 22 Steelers at Jets Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

By now, I’m assuming that you’ve seen Eric’s return to his NFL predictions for this year, which is pretty sweet all by itself. But this year, we’re adding another dimension to the NFL picks and getting more members of the DN staff involved.

Thanks to the folks at Tallysight, we’re going to be able to bring you weekly NFL picks from several of us on the staff in a pretty sweet, straightforward format. We’ve got four of us that will be making the picks for games across the NFL each week. Those four people will be

  • Myself (whose picks will be a direct reflection of my picks in the DN Pick ‘Em Pool)
  • Eric (whose picks, I assume, will mirror his weekly column)
  • Warren, resident analyst type guy
  • Ed Brodmarkle, co-host of Skoldiers, one of our many fine podcasts

The primary focus will be the straight-up picks, obviously, but Tallysight also gives us the opportunity to pick over/unders and against the spread as well. You should be able to flip between those using the widget below.

With that, here are the picks for this week!

Not a lot of variance from us this week, as we’ve all got the same pick for 12 of the 16 games on this week’s slate. The four games where we differ are

Those are our staff picks for this week, folks! We’ll effort to get these up every week before the Thursday night party kicks off.