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Where we talk about Kyle Brandt’s interview with Kirk Cousins

And the most disturbing aspect of it

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

By now, you’ve no doubt heard about the interview that Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Kirk Cousins did with Kyle Brandt of The Ringer and Good Morning, Football. (If you haven’t, we’ve got it on our front page, so you can go check it out.)

Obviously, there is one part of the interview that stands out above everything else, and it’s something that we need to have a serious discussion about.

Kirk Cousins. . .and I can’t believe I’m saying this. . .wanted (and possibly still wants) to have a Creed concert at his house.

As a slight joke — you know there’s some seriousness in every joke, right? — I asked my agent to call Creed’s marketing people and see what it would take - this was, like, last summer - what would it take to get a private concert? And they said if you write a check, they’ll come to your house and do an acoustic set, a private concert. So, that’s still in my head. Maybe get (Creed lead singer) Scott Stapp to come to my house with an acoustic guitar and play those songs, and then see what people say on social media.

Now, I want to be clear on this. I’m not necessarily anti-Creed. They’re not my favorite band or anything even approaching it, but I get it. (The WWF used to use “My Sacrifice” to make some pretty sweet highlight packages back in the days before they were the WWE, but anyway.) But man. . .a private concert? Really, #8?

Oh, and he said some other things that the internet is either super angry about or not super angry about or defending or not defending. Whatever. On this website, we get to the hard news first and let everyone else handle the rest.

If you want to talk about the Kyle Brandt/Kirk Cousins interview, leave us some comments below!