Minnesota Vikings Snap Count Analysis: Week 2 2020

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Welcome to my weekly snap count and brief analysis of the play. It was bad all around.

QB - Kirk Cousins - 54 snaps (100%) Kirk was terrible. He threw 3 INTs. He also took a nasty safety. Once again at the end of the first half Kirk took a safety and followed it up by an INT. Our defense held them to Field Goals both times. We got nothing from Kirk Sunday. He was terrible. The offensive line was terrible and Kirk cannot overcome that. He is bad and we should feel bad for extending him. This should've been our last year with this QB.

RB - Once again we only got 18 carries by our RBs. 80 yards gained on those 18 carries. Dalvin ran the ball very well in the 1st drive and we immediately went away from him. I wonder why we paid him if we aren't going to give him the ball more.

Dalvin Cook - 43 saps (79.6%) 14 carries for 53 yards and 2 catches for 8 yards. He was the brightest spot on offense today, but that isn't saying much. We need to start off the next game giving the ball to Dalvin and building off the run. We ran play action so much it had no impact on the defense.

Alexander Mattison - 10 snaps (18.5%) 3 carries for 13 yards and 1 catch for 3 yards. We featured Mattison less on 3rd down than we had. We got nothing going, but Alexander played nearly half as much as he did last week.

C.J. Ham - 12 plays (22.2%) CJ had 1 carry for 4 yards. He was ok. Nothing to write home about.

WR - Thielen is good. I don't know about anyone else on the team. He is going to get smothered in coverage until we have someone else step up. Diggs had more receiving yards this week than our entire team. 99 yards total from this group on Sunday.

Adam Thielen - 48 snaps (88.9%) 3 catches for 31 yards. Adam was fine. He didn't make any large plays, but he was not given the opportunity to either. He looked good the first drive and disappeared after that. He also had a catch that was removed from the stats because a DPI penalty gave us a couple extra yards.

Olabisi Johnson - 42 snaps (77.8%) 1 catch for 24 yards. The one catch was on the final drive. Bisi had a ball thrown behind him and tipped it up for an easy catch. If that were Diggs or Thielen it likely ends up a completion. He isn't the answer at the #2 spot. I am hoping we play more Jefferson or one of the youngens.

Justin Jefferson - 29 snaps (53.7%) 3 catches for 44 yards. 22 of his yards were on the final drive by the Vikings. He is not getting many balls thrown his way.

Tajae Sharpe - 9 snaps (16.7%) I didn't even realize he was out there. 0 catches

TE - 3 yards from our TEs this week. Irv was bad and dropped a catchable ball. Rudolph was absent.

Kyle Rudolph - 38 snaps (70.4%) We didn't go his way often. I can't find a target for him.

Irv Smith Jr. - 35 snaps (64.8%) One catch for 3 yards. He had an OPI and a drop. He was terrible and was the 2nd worst player on offense according to PFF. The worst is coming later.

Tyler Conklin - 3 snaps (5.6%) No real contribution to the game.

OL - This was worse than last week. Elf is somehow batter than his backup. This is the worst unit on the team and Rick needs to go.

Riley Reiff - 54 snaps (100%) Reiff didn't officially give up a pressure, but he and Dozier got beat on the same play to give up a sack. Dozier's guy just starts closer to the QB. He isn't the problem on our OL.

Dakota Dozier - 54 snaps (100%) Dakota gave up 3 pressures on Sunday. He wasn't good and he is an issue. He played better week 1 and we need him to bounce back next week.

Garrett Bradbury - 54 snaps (100%) He was ok. He isn't as good as we would've hoped at this point, but he is better than the players on either side of him playing guard.

Dru Samia - 54 snaps (100%) We got our answer as to why Elf is still playing. Samia was terrible. 5 of the 10 pressures came by the guy Samia was blocking. He is bad and he should feel bad.

Brian O'Neill - 54 snaps (100%) O'Neill gave up 1 pressure on Sunday. Mostly because the guards got beat so fast. He and Reiff are our best two OL. Reiff is getting old and expensive.

DL - The defensive line was better this week, but that is after a dumpster fire last week. Indy was still able to run the ball down our throats with a rookie RB. We finally got a sack from our DL! They also held Indy to a 3.8 YPC which isn't awful.

Yannick Ngakoue - 54 snaps (74%) Our best player on defense according to PFF. He had a nice sack and forced fumble. The Colts recovered, but that play is why we signed him. It gives me hope for when Hunter comes back we could at least have two DEs that are good.

Jaleel Johnson - 46 snaps (63%) He isn't good. He gets pushed back way too much.

Jalyn Holmes - 43 snaps (58.9%) Jalyn put in a solid performance. He is a decent rotational player.

Ifeadi Odenigbo - 41 snaps (56.2%) Ifeadi has done nothing for us. He is easily replaceable and will likely be gone soon.

Shamar Stephen - 40 snaps (54.8%) Shamar also put in a solid performance. He is a guy I don't mind having in rotation.

Armon Watts - 38 snaps (52.1%) Watts was our worst player on defense according to PFF. That is with how poorly our secondary played. He was getting beaten on run plays regularly.

D.J. Wonnum - 25 snaps (34.2%) Wonnum got snaps over Hercules and Eddie Yarbrough this week. He outplayed those two from last week. Hope to see him in the rotation going forward.

LB - Poor performance from the usually reliable group. Poor in coverage this week and Barr went out with a shoulder injury.

Eric Kendricks - 73 snaps (100%) Kendricks was not good this week. He got beat pretty bad for a long pass. He had 11.5 tackles and was decent in run coverage.

Eric Wilson - 67 snaps (91.8%) Wilson had to step up after Barr went out. He also got beat pretty bad for a long pass. It shows why Barr plays over him. He caught the INT on the first drive, but it was there because of Harrison Smith.

Troy Dye - 21 snaps (28.8%) Troy got an opportunity and also went off with injury. I haven't heard what happened.

Anthony Barr - 16 snaps (21.9%) Barr went out early with a shoulder injury. He isn't worth his paycheck, but is better than our other options. Lets hope he can come back soon.

Ryan Connelly - 1 snap (1.4%) I didn't see him out there.

DBs - Overall a poor performance. Our DBs get beat on a regular basis. Our safeties were not good this week either.

Anthony Harris - 73 snaps (100%) Our 2nd best defensive player according to PFF. He was solid in tackling (unlike others) and didn't give up any big bombs.

Harrison Smith - 70 snaps (95.9%) The Hitman gave up some plays. He got beat deep which is rare to see. He did have a nice play on the Colts' first drive to get us the INT.

Holton Hill - 70 snaps (95.9%) He gets beat on the regular. He got smoked more often than he smokes on the weekends. He played right outside CB most of the game.

Jeff Gladney - 60 snaps (82.2%) He got beat on the regular. He did have one nice pass breakup on 3rd down that I remember. He played left outside CB most of the game. Tough matchup against TY Hilton.

Mike Hughes - 59 snaps (80.8%) Hughes is bad and is proving to be a bad pick by Rick, Zim and co. He played mostly in the slot this week.

Kris Boyd - 3 snaps (4.1%) I didn't see him out there other than on special teams.

Josh Metellus - 3 snaps (4.1%) I didn't see him out there other than on special teams.

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