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Vikings vs Colts - GMG In The Raw LIVE!

Recorded live after the game where the Minnesota Vikings traveled to play the Indianapolis Colts. The results were to say the least... Disappointing and frustrating. 

Good morning Horners! Yesterday your Minnesota Vikings went to play the Indianapolis Colts and it was frustrating to say the least. Good Morning Gjallarhorn went LIVE with post game reaction. Flipmazzi, Drew and Dave broke down some aspects of it, vented like most of you, and looked forward to what needed to be done to start to fix this disappointment. Coaching decisions or lack of effective preparation from Mike Zimmer and Gary Kubiak came into focus, but that wasn’t all, especially when an exactly .500 quarterback, Kirk Cousins, generates a 15.9 quarterback rating. Coach Zimmer talked about lack of identity and that applies to both sides of the ball. Frustrating right?

The Vikings again were lopsided on the time of possession with the defense being on the field for 38.25 minutes. That is a slight improvement over week 1, but still extremely troubling. The offense can’t seem to move the ball consistently except for the first drive and garbage time. That’s a huge problem after expectation of this veteran unit was high, and contract extensions doled out to Cousins and Dalvin Cook. The offensive line still looks to be awful, and no scheming by Kubiak and Mike Dennison has fixed that. Frustrating right?

It looks like Vikings fans are in for a a long season. Where do you see the first win?

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen! Stay safe, and GO VIKINGS!

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