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So maybe the offensive line is getting better, at least

Perhaps it’s not all darkness

Minnesota Vikings v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

While the first two games for the Minnesota Vikings have been mostly awful, it appears that there may be a bit of a bright spot emerging from a completely unexpected place.

Per Will Ragatz of Sports Illustrated, through the first two games of the season there have been a pair of Vikings’ offensive linemen that have been decidedly. . .not awful?

According to PFF (per Ragatz), right tackle Brian O’Neill is the eighth-highest rated tackle in the NFL and is fifth in terms of run blocking. But this isn’t completely surprising from O’Neill, who has been developing into one of the better right tackles in the NFL.

The more pleasant surprise is center Garrett Bradbury, who currently ranks as PFF’s #7 center and through the first two games has not allowed a pressure. Now, you may view this as “small sample size” or what have you, but it’s important to remember where Bradbury was after his first two games as a rookie when he took the full Blutarsky.

If O’Neill is still developing and Bradbury is starting to get it together, the Vikings have taken a couple of steps towards actually having a decent offensive line.

I know that it’s only two games into the season and all that, but after the way things have started for this team, can you just let me have this one? Please?