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GMG Morning Quickie - Is Kirk Cousins Bad?

Here is your Good Morning Gjallarhorn new feature called the GMG Morning Quickie, because who doesn’t love a morning quickie? Drew, Flip and Dave look at the question of “is Kirk Cousins bad?”

Good morning Horners! Starting a new feature we’re calling the GMG Morning Quickie because who doesn’t love a morning quickie? LOL. This one focuses on short discussions on your Minnesota Vikings and relevant topics. Today’s topic covers the questions of “Is Kirk Cousins bad?” Drew, Flip and Dave dive into the topic after his worst game ever. What do you say? Is he?

What if Gary Kubiak says, “I don’t have the QB to run this offense” and then features more of Dalvin Cook because of it? Is that an excuse? Is there a disconnect between Cousins and Kubiak? Drew is looking for a set of “onions.” He’d love to see that play maker’s switch where the leader of the team steps up like Russell Wilson or Patrick Mahomes when things aren’t going as planned. Is this turning into a Les Steckle type season?

If Kirk Cousins is indeed bad, it looks like Vikings fans are in for a a long season. Where do you see the first win? Or do you?

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen! Stay safe, and GO VIKINGS!

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