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Three Titans players test positive for COVID-19; Vikings suspend in-person activities

We’ll need to keep an eye on this

Tennessee Titans v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

UPDATE: Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting that the Vikings’ team facility has been shut down until further notice, though there have been no positive tests associated with the Vikings to this point.

There has been a very important development coming out of the Twin Cities this morning, and it could have a serious bearing on the Minnesota Vikings going forward.

According to Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network, the Tennessee Titans had three of their players and five other personnel test positive for COVID-19. As the Titans played the Vikings this past Sunday, the Vikings have suspended in-person club activities.

There has not been any word on which players have tested positive. What this means is that the various contact tracing protocols that the league has in place will start to kick in, so we will have to see how this affects the Vikings going forward.

It is far too early to speculate whether or not this will cause the Vikings’ contest against the Houston Texans on Sunday to be postponed or anything of that nature, but we will most definitely be keeping an eye on this development and how it affects the team. As we get more news on this, we will make every effort to bring it to you as quickly as possible.

Again, three Tennessee Titans players (and five other personnel) have tested positive for COVID-19, and in conjunction with that the Vikings have suspended in-person activities.