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Vikings release statement in conjunction with COVID-19 testing

Again, no positive tests for the Vikings. . .yet.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

In connection with the news that the Minnesota Vikings’ opponent from this past Sunday, the Tennessee Titans, have had a bunch of positive COVID-19 tests, the Vikings have released a statement.

The statement reads as follows:

Today the NFL notified us that members of the Tennessee Titans organization have tested positive for COVID-19. As of this morning, we have not received any positive tests from Vikings testing following Sunday’s game. Per the NFL protocol, we will suspend in-person club activities and close TCO Performance Center immediately. We will work closely with the NFL and NFLPA to monitor the situation, performa additional testing and determine when the facility can reopen. We will provide further updates regarding this week’s football schedule when appropriate.

We still have no idea whether the Vikings or the Titans will be having their games postponed this weekend. The Vikings are scheduled to travel to play the Houston Texans, while the Titans are scheduled to host the Pittsburgh Steelers.

From a football perspective. . .which I understand is not the most important thing right now. . .the Vikings having their game postponed this weekend has the potential to create some serious scheduling chaos, largely because the Vikings and Texans don’t have the same bye week. The Vikings’ bye week is in Week 7, while the Texans have their bye in Week 8. That means that the league couldn’t just pick up the game and move it to the end of the schedule or anything like that. But that’s a bridge that we can cross when we get there.

Again, we are monitoring all of the developments that will come from the fallout from this, and as we have more we will bring it to you here.