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Vikings giving fans an opportunity to be in the stands at U.S. Bank Stadium

In virtual form

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp
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Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

We already know that the first two games that the Minnesota Vikings will play at U.S. Bank Stadium this season will not have anybody in the stands. Well, no real people, anyway. However, on Friday the team announced that they are going to give people an opportunity to be there.

Sort of.

The team has announced an opportunity for fans to be in the seats at U.S. Bank Stadium in the form of a cutout. All that’s required is for you to take a high-res picture of yourself and send it in to the team, and they’ll turn you into a cardboard cutout that will be in the seats. The application says that it will be in the seats for all of the games that are without fans this season, so it could be for more than just two games.

The cost for the cutout is $150, and presumably you get to keep it after the season is over. The proceeds from your payment go to charitable causes that the Vikings are supporting.

There are some caveats to the picture, such as only being able to wear club-branded attire (so I can’t wear my DN t-shirt #forthebrand) and you can’t be making any offensive gestures or anything like that. Nothing too terribly outrageous, I don’t think.

So, if you want an opportunity to be in the stands at U.S. Bank Stadium in a virtual form this season, head on over to the Vikings’ team website and check out everything about it.