My HORNED HAT is OFF, Thanks to You.

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Happy New Year!

Thanks to you, we CRUSHED the new years eve goal of $2K last night!

Take the Plunge for Special Olympics MN

WOW! just, WOW!!!

My horned hat IS OFF in salute to You.

This means so much for all those who compete in Special Olympics especially after this last year of craziness.

It would have been so easy to think of only yourself this year.
Money was tight, people lost jobs, we lost freedom, we lost loved ones.

I can't believe how many people from the DN donated so generously. Last year (2019) the Purple Plunges team raised a total of $4000.00

THIS YEAR we have already raised $4800: So Far!


I want to thank you each personally... but, I won't list you all individually for fear of leaving someone out... but boy, howdy... did you purple people come thru in a HUGE way!

I can't stress enough at how humbled i am. Seriously.... so very humbled.

I am proud to jump for you come this March, and I know if my Father was alive today, (WWII Army veteran who died earlier this year), would be proud as well.

THANK YOU, with my entire bleeding purple heart!

SKOL my friends, SKOL!


If you haven't donated yet, and would like to start the new year on the right foot, please donate to @PlungeMN

Admiral BigGun:

PS.... Want to come jump with us? you still can! I would be proud to have you on the team.
all you need to do is Raise $75
that's it.

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