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Vikings Report WIth Drew and Ted, ep 2

What does Larry the Cable Guy, Fredo Corleone, and a Sasquatch have to do with the Vikings?

Hey gang!

Drew and I are back with episode two of our new show, and we’re pretty fired up about it. We start off talking Vikings stuff—Justin Jefferson’s rookie season, and do a compare and contrast with him and Stefon Diggs.

From there, we talk the impact the retirement of Gary Kubiak has on the Vikings, and how that will affect the offense moving forward. We also discuss a quote from Mike Zimmer’s season ending press conference, and how much that fires us up for the off-season.*

*It does not fire us up for the off-season.

Our next topic discusses the free agents the Vikings announced—restricted, unrestricted, and exclusive rights guys, and who we might like back or not.

Trivia with Toonce The Cat is next, and that’s going to be a part of every show. We like trivia, and it lets us talk about current and former players. And it’s fun trying to match wits with a cat.

Finally, we wrap up with week one of our playoff picks contest. With Drew being a Michigan guy and me being an Ohio State guy, of course we have a friendly wager involved...but it’s not cash. It involves college fight songs, and a fair amount of humiliation for the guy that loses.

Finally, want to give a shout out to Drew, Toonce the Cat (played by Drew’s wife), and their daughter Elizabeth, who doubles as the show producer. We’ve started off with a tremendous amount of views and subscriptions, and we’d love for you to check it out. We now have a podcast site too, if you’re not into watching YouTube.

YouTube link:

If a podcast is your thing, you can find it through Podbean here:

From there, you can download it for Apple or Google.

Anyway, hope you enjoy watching/listening as much as we enjoyed making the show, and we’ll try to do better the next time.