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Daily Norseman NFL Staff Picks: Divisional Playoffs

The march continues!

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

The NFL playoffs resume tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen, and we are back with our picks for the Divisional Round!

First, let’s take a look at how everyone did last week, where Warren pretty much whooped all of us. We’ll take a full accounting of how we did on all of the things that Tallysight keeps track of.

  • Warren Ludford: 13-5 (5-1 straight up, 4-2 against the spread, 4-2 on over/unders)
  • Ed Brodmarkle: 10-8 (4-2 straight up, 4-2 against the spread, 2-4 on over/unders)
  • Eric Thompson: 9-9 (5-1 straight up, 3-3 against the spread, 1-5 on over/unders)
  • Christopher Gates: 9-9 (4-2 straight up, 3-3 against the spread, 2-4 on over/unders)

In fact, Warren is currently the #3 analyst on the entire Tallysight board after the Wild Card round of the playoffs, which is pretty damn impressive!

Can Warren keep it up this weekend? Can anyone else catch him? Well, here’s who we have for this weekend’s matchups.

We only have a consensus on one game, as we’re all picking the reigning world champion Kansas City Chiefs to take down the Cleveland Browns in the early game on Sunday. The rest all have at least one deviation.

  • Rams at Packers: SPLIT! Ed and Eric have Green Bay, Warren and Chris have Los Angeles
  • Ravens at Bills: Chris has Baltimore, everyone else has Buffalo
  • Buccaneers at Saints: SPLIT! Eric and Chris have Tampa Bay, Ed and Warren have New Orleans

Yeah, I’m taking mostly underdogs this weekend, myself. Picking with your head rather than your heart is overrated.

So, those are our picks for the Divisional Playoffs, folks. Who do you have advancing to the Conference Championship Games?