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Vikings Report With Drew and Ted, Episode 3

We talk Vikings, NFL coaching changes, Toonce’s Trivia, and NFL playoffs

Hey gang!

Drew and I are out with episode three with Vikings Report, and we’ve added a new segment that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Every week Drew will hang up a jersey from a past Vikings great and talking about him for a couple minutes, and this week we start off witht Hall of Fame safety Paul Krause. And if you’re interested in reading the Krause interview I mentioned in the segment, you can find it right here.

From there we discuss the departure of special teams coach Marwan Maalouf, the justifiable reasoning behind his departure, and some ideas on how to fix them.

After that, we talk the week that was with Everson Griffen on Twitter, how that episode unfolded in front of all of us in real time, and a ‘what if’ with Grif, assuming he gets healthy both mentally and physically.

We then moved on to NFL news, and more specifically some big time coaching changes with Doug Pederson and Urban Meyer. We looked at the firing of Pederson, and did a compare and contrast on Perserson’s record in Philadelphia, Mike ZImmer’s record in Minnesota, and asked who is right—Eagles owner Jeff Lurie in firing Pederson, or Zygi Wilf in keeping Zim. We wrapped the segment up by discussing overall leadership philosophy and whether or not Meyer will be successful in the NFL.

Our last two segments were trivia and playoff predictions. Trivia was done with a twist this week, in a $25,000 Pyramid format, and it was really fun. We wrapped up the show talking about the divisional playoffs this weekend, and making our predictions. With Drew being a Michigan fan and me being an OSU fan, remember the loser of our playoff picks has to sing the other team’s fight song after the Super Bowl.

Anyway, here’s the YT embed, and you can find us in podcast format on Podbean. Thanks again for the tremendous support we’ve gotten, and we’ll try to do better the next time.