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The Daily Norseman Mailbag, January 29th, 2021

You have questions, I have answers.

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Good Morning!

Damn, you all knocked it out of the park again, hello baseball reference. I did comb Twitter looking for #DailyNorsemanmailbag before hitting the publish button but all I could find was something about a Robin Hood movie or something, maybe the “magic” of Twitter will work next time. For salary cap questions I bought a book to read and leaned on two guest experts plus Enough from me, let’s see what was on everyone’s mind.

First up, Mary had this to say via email:

I’m a really angry, 53-year old cranky Vikings fan here. I’m fed up with this team to the point that I actually threw away my beloved #9 Tommy Kramer jersey in disgust. Yes, it is the VERY same jersey that was worn at Sun Devil Stadium in 2003 when the Cardinals beat the Vikings on the last play of the game to knock them out of the playoffs; yes, it was the same one I wore when Mr. 100% Gary Anderson sprayed his FG; watched 41-donut in it, yes; 12-men on the field, yes; Can’t turn in a draft card on time, on 2 separate occasions, yes; basically, I wore the shit out of that thing and look where it’s got me. Back to reality now and thank you for your kind consideration

Mary’s question is:

Do you think the clown-car that transports the trio of bedwetting QB, imbecilic GM, and no-reason-to-be-arrogant HC has been altered in any way so that the pedals can be operated safely (as the driver is wearing over-sized clown shoes) or do you think it’s just standard issue?)

I missed most of those “moments” due to life circumstances but collectively as fans of the Minnesota Vikings we feel your pain.
Now to answer your question: Through the magic of the Google, clown cars are fitted with pedals that have been adapted to fit oversized shoes, whether that answers your question I’m not sure, but my guess is that after this year we’ll have new clowns to complain about, yes that’s a hawt taek.

Benjaman asks via direct message on Twitter: On a scale of Brian Billick to Bob Schnelker, how excited will you be when Klint Kubiak is inevitably named OC?

I wanted Anthony Lynn and his staff to take over the the offense, but like most things in life as a fan we don’t get nice on a scale of Billick to Schnelker I’d say my excitement level will be about four Burnsies.

For those of you wondering about the future of LB Anthony Barr and his contract, I asked Filbert33 regarding the cap ramifications. Anthony Barr-if the Vikings cut him he counts 7.8M against the cap with 7.2M savings?

Filbert33’s (rip) answer: I’m not certain how an injury guarantee works on it. 7.1M of his salary is guaranteed for injury until March 15, when it goes to a full guarantee, My assumption is, if he can’t pass a physical, that money is treated like a guarantee, in which case will hit the cap, and the dead money will be 14.9M.

Skollvikings69 had two questions: A lot of people seem to not like the idea of Klint taking over as OC next year. Seems like some of the same people have wanted a young inventor as our new HC or OC. Why can’t Klint be that young innovator he can keep the same basic system, the same system as Shannahan and Mcvay, and add some new wrinkles?

Why are people already anointing Patrick Mahomes as the next goat? He’s only been a starting quarterback for three years. he has a long long way to go in my opinion.

I think a lot of the Klint dislike has come from how the Kubiak offense evolved in Minnesota, I know many of us like the play action and long throws to the WR’s but are frustrated with the run plays on second and long/third and long. Some of that is by design in the offense, some of that lies at the feet of the Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach. Really, if I never see another second and long run by the Vikings I’ll be a happy person.

As to your second questions: Every NFL era has operated by different rules. Those of us old enough to watch the GOAT Joe Montana, Lester Hayes and stickum remember a more violent game that has evolved to attract and hold more viewers on television. I know the league says the rules changed to increase safety, (and they do) but let’s be honest...the passing game and rules protecting the QB are to make sure the league has its’ stars on TV during primetime and the playoffs. As to whether Patrick Mahomes is the next GOAT, time will tell but he can add to his legend next weekend (and I think he will).

Marksp18 pondered: Is two play better than one ply when watching the Vikings draft?

A bidet is the best choice, that way you’re clean and dry.

tankCommanderRyck wondered if non football questions are allowed? (yes, I said so)
Kristen Bell or Sam Ponder?

My usual DN answer: why have two people disappointed when you can have three?

TAYkzy asked: Is it legal for the Vikings to demote Mike Zimmer to defensive head coach and hire Eric Biniemy to be Offensive Head Coach? If not is there any offensive minded coaches around football you think could and should be hired to be OC?

I’m not a lawyer and I haven’t watched Law and Order in a long time, but as far as I’m aware it is not illegal to demote a head coach to defensive coordinator and hire a new head coach. I also do not have a degree in mathematics, but I can tell you the chances of that event are infinitesimal.

CdnMike: As I understand it, KC’s contract for 2022 at a cap hit of $45 million guarantees this March. Is that correct? What should the Vikings do about this? What will they do about this? Unfortunately, I can totally see the Vikings doing nothing and then signing Kirk to another extension after this season to lower the $45 million cap hit, but tying us to KC for more years.

I asked Ed (@Nemock7 on Twitter, follow him for Vikings football) about Kirk’s contract. His answer, and answer to the salary cap in general: Your math is correct regarding Kirk, without an extension.

Right now the salary cap is allegedly 180M for the new league year, most teams have around 34M worth of contracts that can be converted to bonus which will fit under that low of a salary cap. Keep in mind the league has not announced an official number. Thanks Ed!

Bassmaster_Heet noted: Today’s CBS Sports mock has the Vikes taking Ja’Marr Chase. Uniting Chase with JJ again sure seems juicy. If this scenario did actually play out, and Chase fell to be available at #14 (let’s even assume he is BPA), should the Vikes:

1) Take him, chug a beer and don’t look back

2) Take a pass, and stick to the beef we so desperately need

3) Trade back for more picks (double the beef)

You’re not going to like my answer. Ja’Marr Chase is a baller and paired with Jefferson would make the offense electric. However, the Vikings have a run oriented offense in which they’ve already had to trade one wide receiver, what makes you think Jefferson and then Chase won’t be disgrunted in a few years when their peers overshadow them?

Trade back, try and recoup that second round pick, chug a beer anyway.

I’ll solicit for questions for the next mailbag on Monday the 1st of February and post the mailbag on Wednesday for your excellent questions and my mediocre answers. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read, ask questions and participate in the comments.