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NFL Playoff matchups set

And we know all but one team

NFL: Super Bowl LIV City Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With 255 of the 256 NFL regular season games in the books, we now know who 13 of the 14 teams that will be taking part in this year’s playoffs. We know that the Minnesota Vikings won’t be there, but let’s take a look at the matchups anyway.

AFC Playoffs

(1) Kansas City Chiefs - Bye

NFC Playoffs

(1) Green Bay Packers - Bye

The final NFC playoff spot will be decided by the Sunday Night Football matchup between the Washington Football Team and the Philadelphia Eagles. If Washington wins, they win the NFC East and are in as the #4 seed. If Philadelphia wins, the Giants will win the NFC East. . .at 6-10. . .and host Tampa Bay on Wild Card Weekend.

We’ll have the schedule once the NFL announces the dates and times. There will be triple-headers on both Saturday and Sunday this year because of there being six games, so it will be a fun weekend of football even without our favorite team involved.

What matchup or matchups are you looking forward to next weekend, folks?